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The Yellow Peril just changed color

September 13, 2007

About a century or so ago, a mass hysteria griped most of North America. Asian immigration, which had, to date, provided cheap labor across north america (and, if westerns are to be believed, led to the creation of many laundries), suddenly became a great menace.

Fueled in great part by lowest-common-denominator (ie, mass) medias, particularly the Hearst Empire, this hysteria was whipped from a series of minor incidents and non-events into a massive crisis that warranted a long series of anti-immigration laws.

And now, today, we have the whole “reasonable accomodations” debacle in my home province. We have the latina hysteria in many parts of America, and the “Islamic Europe” panic.

The time have changed. The “color” of the alleged threat has changed. People, and the mass medias, haven’t.

It’s a shame, really.

(An amusing note : the OTHER major political stance the Hearst empire is noted for is their support of the Spanish-American war.

You know, the other time America went to war with a foreign nation on probably false charges, and wound up having to deal with a bloody muslim insurgency for it…)

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