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A very addictive non-game

January 28, 2008

So, apparently, Endless Ocean is a non-game (say the so-called reviewers at EGM).

Well, a non-game it might be, but it sure is an addictive non-game, then. Much to my surprise ; I mean, what’s more laughable as a concept than “diving sim”? Not much.

Right up until the moment you realize the little sneaks stole a page from gamefreak. Specifically the page that say “Here’s a blank encylopedia. Guess who gets to fill it?”.Suddenly you do have a goal, and that goal requires quite some work to accomplish  – 214 critters, 3 entry per critters, and some hard to find ones (and not always the small ones)…

And arriving at the edge of a deep-sea canyon (complete with ominous music) while overhead your first whale lazily swim by? Even in a game where there is no threat of death whatsoever, it still gives you a chill. As do swimming through the abyssal depth, and suddenly realizing that a BFW (Big Fucking Whale) was swimming ten meters to your right the whole time, and *it’s so dark you never saw it*.

All in all, it gets addictive, pretty fast. I highly recomend trying this game out 😀

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