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Dead in (almost) all ways

June 8, 2008

I went on a long hike today. I have no idea how long it actually was, but I left a bit past one and wasn’t back until seven. Went from my hotel all the way across town to Mount Sequoyah, with side trips through the university of arkansas campus, and downtown Fayetteville. Many pictures were taken, to compliment the only two taken beforehand (do you even have to ask? Of course the first two are pictures of Ashley and I in the same place at the same time).

It leaves me physically dead (figuratively), which matches my emotional state quite well – the last few days have been an emotional rollercoaster, from finally meeting Ashley friday to watching her leave on saturday, and knowing it would probably be year(s) before we meet again, if we ever do. A few hours is such a short time after eight years of waiting. (I know it couldn’t have been more, and I expected to see her briefly. But it was still too short a time. Which is still better than not meeting her at all, of course).

Not to mention the fact that I almost missed the wedding, courtesy of miscommunication betweeh Ashley’s friend who was supposed to pick me up at the hotel, and whose car broke down, and everyone else. I was extremely nervous and a little pissed off by the time he arrived. Fortunately, the bride has quite a talent for creative stalling, apparently, so I was there in time for the whole ceremony – but it didn’t help the emotional rollercoaster.

I may have made new friends (though not necessarily the sort of friends I had expected to make), mind – I talked to Ashley’s father quite a bit, and toward the end of the dinner (I went to dine at an Italian restaurant with Ashley’s family after the newlywed left) he mentioned something about asking Ashley for my email adress. I expanded the invitation and told everyone that if they wanted to get in contact with me, I’d be happy to hear from them).

Much to my surprise, one of the person at the dinner was actually a hockey fan (apparently, they appear in small amounts even this far south) ; mostly a fan of the Devils and of Brodeur (and therefore someone who was actually quite interested to learn I attended the same high school as Brodeur). This resulted in typical hockey boasting – “Yeah, well, New Jersey won the cup in 2004, when was Montreal’s last cup?”, vs “Well, remind me, who finished first in the east this year?”, “Well, the flyers took you out”, “So? The rangers took you out one round earlier,” and so on and so forth. It was quite fun. Ashley’s father actually mentioned watching hockey and trying (and failing) to get the rules, then asked me to explain icing. I did (to the best of my knowledge), then said that even in Québec, not everyone understand more than the very general idea of what icing is. As I recall, my own father had to ask the same question this season.

I’d have liked to get to know Ashley’s university friends better, mind – I talked with them a bit, and had some fun with them during the dancing that followed the cake-eating at the reception. Unfortunately, dancing isn’t really conductive to conversation. (and before anyone back home wonder, no, I did not dance any sort of slow with anyone. Not that I wouldn’t have liked had the occasion presented itself, but it didn’t).

That,s pretty much it. Tomorrow will be stormy, so I may wind up not doing much of anything after all. We’ll see. I’d like to at least locate a few souvenirs – my monetary reserves have held up quite well (ie, I have yet to withdraw any money since arriving – though I did locate a few ATMs – and still have nearly half what I started with, printed-cash-wise, so we’ll see.

Probably won’t go out for dinner tonight – I’m dead tired, as I said, so I’ll probably snack on what little there is in the room (mostly walnuts and dried fruits). Given the cake, big dinner and everything else yesterday, and the fact that I’m not sure I could even look at a big dinner in the face without being sick right now (I drank well over two liters of water along my trip to Mount Sequoyah. I should probably have made it more…though I’m not sure I could even have swallowed the water), I think it’s for the best.

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