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Where were you? Where will you be?

November 3, 2008

Assuming the polls are correct (always something of a risky assumption, granted), it is looking increasingly likely tomorrow will be one of days. You know the ones. The ones you remember where you were and what you were doing.

We’ve had a few of those in the past several decades. Some happened before my birth (although my mother, for one, could tell you exactly where she was when both the Kennedies, and MLK, died, and where she was when someone took a certain small step), others, after.

I know where I was when my country went to war for the first time since Korea (Gulf War, 1991 edition) – a tiny ten-years-old playing with his lego airport set (soon thereafter converted into a lego military airbase set, complete with custom-built stealth bomber) in the living room, his back to the TV as green and white pictures of AA defenses shooting and bombs falling played.

I know where I was – sitting on the couch, trying to understand *WHY* my mother wanted me to watch a boring show on TV – two years earlier. I’m afraid the eight years old me couldn’t quite grasp why people tearing a boring old wall down was so important.

On a more local level, I remember sitting, in 1988, in front of the TV, between two of my family’s favorite shows – a courtroom show and historical drama – when the house and the ground started trembling. I remmber, a decade later, playing Shadows of the Empire on our brand-new N64 in the leisure room, then climbing upstairs to catch our last news update in three weeks, just before the power went down as a result of the ice storm of 1998.

I’m not entirely sure yet there will be one of those events to remember, tomorrow evening, although I hope there will be. I don’t know yet that there will be.

But if Obama is elected, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that, in a decade, I’ll still remember the details.

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