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Yet another shock

June 26, 2009

It’s been a shocking past few days here. Not only family news I really, really didn’t see coming (and shan’t discuss further here), but plenty of other news that shouldn’t really have affected me, but still left me shocked the way they came out of the blue, entirely unexpected.

There’s Michael Jackson dying. Never liked the way he behaved, and I was neither a fan of his music or his dancing (surprise, surprise), but still…Michael Jackson, dead? You keep expecting him to pop out of hiding to say “HAHA! Paid me attention!”, even though you know even he couldn’t pull that one off. Not the way it happened. It just feels so very strange and surreal.

And there’s the news I just got this morning – our old parish church burned over night. It’s where I was baptized, where I had my first communion, where was I confirmed. And now, a single lightning strike, and it’s gone. Even if I haven’t been there in years, even if I have some deep reservations about the Catholic Church (and particularly its current pope)…that building still played a very significant part in my life. It feels very, very strange to know that now its gone. There’s a part of me that burned with the church, it feels like.

Quite the unexpected blow, really.

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