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Simple Thanks to a nameless hacker

July 26, 2009

Way back when, I used to download video games from the internet. Some of the games I ended up downloading were in Japanese: most of them I didn’t play, but there was one I found a “translation patch” compiled by somebody for. So I used it.

The patch worked fairly well, as far as it went, and it made the game pretty playable…except for one thing. One of the late-game bosses had gotten boosted to level 126, far beyond what it should have been at (and beyond the theoretical max of 100), and was practically unkillable.

So I went to my then-favorite game message board, and asked about it. They had no idea about it, so directed me to another message board, dedicated to the game, where they were talking about this problem.

I joined that message board.

Because I joined it, I found their fanfiction section.

Because I found their fanfiction section, I worked up the nerve to actually write a (fanfiction) story.

Because I worked up the nerves to do that, I met Ashley and Aba, whom I have mentioned previously.

A lot of the things that define me today, starting with most of my closest friends and with my favorite pastime/life ambition, I owe to that one nameless hacker, who wasn’t the best hacker, but whose mishandling of a bit of code just sent me down a very, very different road.

So whoever you were, whatever you became…thanks.

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