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Excuuuuse me, lady.

August 10, 2009

So I’ve spent the past several days running polls for the city of Montreal in one of their parks. A fun job overall, and most of the people I meet are, if not necessarily willing to answer, at least polite enough about it – “sorry, no time” or “sorry, not willing” and all. (Though you get the usual jerks who pretend you’re just not there. Yeah, sure guys, you did not see me.).

Then there’s the people who really don’t get civility. I’m not here to sell you anything, I’m here to help you get your opinion on the park you use (which I, personally, had never visited before the polling) to the city. Okay, granted, you can’t guess that part without talking to me, but still. Would politely saying no (eg, “Sorry, not interested”) really be more difficult an answer to my “Hello” than flipping me off cheerfully (eg, “And goodbye!”).

And you do it in front of kids too. And probably, ten years from now, you’ll be on the front lines bemoaning the lack of civility from modern kids and teens. Well, newsflash, lady, maybe YOU should give them the example? You know, instead of cheerfully flipping off people?

But hey, I guess – I had a note pad with me, and a pen in hand, and approached you. That makes me the impolite aggressive bad guy, always (except to every user of the park but you), so any and all measures to get rid of me would have been justified!

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