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Twists of Fate

September 21, 2009

Years ago, my grandparents went to the Mediteranean on a cruise. They, of course, wanted to bring souvenirs back to us; and asked for general ideas; me, being the military history and crusades geek I was at the time, asked for something Knights of St John (Hospitaliers) themed.

That, somehow, got garbled at some point. Instead, my grandparents ended up picking something St John-themed; in this case, a greek icon depicting St John. I don’t recally how I felt when I got that souvenir (as I said : years ago), but looking back, I know it’s remained on my desk all these years, and I’ve always liked it there. And it’s definitely a much more strikign and suitable souvenir than anything Knights of St John themed would probably have been.

What hadn’t occured to me until recently is how incredibly appropriate the specific icon turned out to be. This was before I really got in fantasy, let alone writing (years before). Yet, somehow, they ended up bringing me back an icon depicting the writing of a book. The Book of Revelations, to be exact.

Which, given the influence the Apocalypse exerts to this day on the themes of speculative fiction (including fantasy)…is a rather strikingly appropriate choice.

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