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Integrity and Honesty, and the lack of thereof

September 23, 2009

You know, usually I don’t bother commenting on FoxNews’s incredible ability to pull disgusting political hackjobs. But on this one, I just have to call foul.

Was Safia Qaddafi involved in the plotting by her husband/his government of the Lockerbie bombing? Quite possibly, it’s not a question I have studied in any great detail (although if she was, you’d think the good people at Fox would have been even more obvious about drawing the link).

But let’s pause a moment and consider this one: the quotes they use to paint Safia Qaddafi as a psychopath were her answers to her daughter (adopted, per wiki) dying under American bombs. And they present that as representative of her personality?

Because, y’know, I have vague reminiscence of how America (and not just America) reacted to the last Muslim bombs (well, planes-turned-into-makeshift-missiles)…and somehow, I fail to see much difference. Call to slaughter the enemy (“BOMB THE MIDDLE EAST!”)? Check. Wanting to kill all the people who planned the attack (because those who carried it out are sort of, you know, dead)? Check.Trying to find a foreign chief of state to blame for it all (among many, many other things they tried to blame him from) and wanting to execute him? Check.

It’s a fairly normal reaction. Not a reaction everyone will have – some people are exceptional like that, and keep their cool even in extremely trying circumstances – but a fairly normal reaction nonetheless.

To present it as evidence of hateful psychopathy is just sickening political partisan claptrap , disgusting, and the work of people who should never be allowed to associate with the word “News”‘  ever again.

(And I’m sure other medias, on both side of the spectrum, have done it. This example happened to fall before me tonight).

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