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Falardeau dead, me speechless

September 26, 2009

According to most Quebec media outlet, noted moviemaker and ardently outspoken nationalist Pierre Falardeau has died.

I hated him. His take on nationalism smelled a little too strongly of ethnicism; of the sort of nationalism that imply moral supremacy (eg, the right of the Nation to determine without any outside input what it wants to do). He questioned the right of “foreigners” to criticize us, and did so in, ahem, questionable terms (cf “Japanouille a barbiche” (Goateed Japanoodle, the term he used for environmentalism David Suzuki when Suzuki “dared” to (rightly) criticize aspects of environmentalism in Quebec). He had very little patience for people whose view of Québec were not his (to say the least…).

At the same time, he was a cultural monument of Quebec moviemaking. Like or dislike his work, he was there and you couldn’t ignore him. A part of the landscape, if you will.

His death leaves a big, gaping hole up here in the North East.

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