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Annoyances in Class

October 7, 2009

So, as some of you (most?) probably already know, I am, once again, a student (Certificate in Law).

And some people are being stupidly annoying about it all.

Monday is my “Development of legal abilities” class. That’S where they teach us all about legal databases (both electronics and dead trees formats), and how to search them. And, of course, how to reference them. Particularly impressive, I’m told, for many students; hasn’t scared me so much, but then again, I have a background in History. Research that involves searching through organized (if sometimes poorly) databases to find the exact specific law text you desire isn’t so scary when you’re trained to search through not-organized-at-all databases to find an exact history article.

Last monday, we had a homework to hand in, consisting largely of (fictional) references. It was mostly about learning how to properly format our references. Easy enough for me; apparently harder for many others, if the volume of questions is anything to go by. Fine questions, many of them (although some people just asked the same questions five or six times in a row).

Then there were the sheer monuments to mule-headedness. Like the girl who insisted on arguing for five minutes as to whether we should judge people under present-day law or the law at the time of their action, if the newer law would be favorable to them (eg, she has no trouble with people NOT being tried under law that didn’t exist when they did whatever they did, but she takes offense at people being tried under law that no longer exists, but existed when they did whatever they did). Or the small group of people who spent another five minutes arguing with the prof over whether it should be “Second Reading – 13 June 2006” or “Second Reading-13 June 2006”. AFTER the prof had specifically said he wasn’t going to use his rule, and neither would the judges, so whatever was fine.

I like a good argument as much as the next guy. But after class. Or during break. Or in a class you know will end early anyway. Not when we’re trying to correct a homework in the last half-hour of class, have already spent ten minutes on the first question of fifteen (thanks to the aforementioned six times the same question in a row), and nearly as much on the second, and are trying to get things done in time. Not, especially, when it results in class ending ten minutes late.

A ten minutes that means I have about two minutes to go from the Orange line platform to the Yellow line platform at the Berri station (a four, five minutes walk in normal conditions), or else miss the 10:50 yellow line train, which in turn means I miss the 11 PM bus back home (because the next yellow line train is at 11 too), and have to wait for the midnight one instead (normally, I can catch the 10:50 without breaking a sweat, and the 10:40 with just a little luck). That means I have to hope there’s no delay on the orange line, and I have to sprint on an ankle that’s still noticeably swollen and sometime painful from my sprain last June. I do not appreciate.

Still not as annoying as my class on the Development of Law, but you’ve probably heard ALL about that one over in my twitter commentary (you know, the Roman history stuff). I’ve made it a policy to sit as far removed from that prof as possible, and keep my mouth shut as much as possible in that class, because if my historical sensitivities go in the way, that class would never get anything done.

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