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Neda for the Nobel! (Or not: WaPoFail)

October 10, 2009

So, the Editorial Board at WaPo felt that an editorial naming Neda (Iranian girl whom everyone saw getting shot thanks to the magic of Youtube, in case you forgot, or never knew, who “Neda” was…like most everyone outside Iran and US conservative circles) as the legitimate recipient for the Nobel Peace Prize was a good idea.

Apparently, the good people at the WaPo forgot one or two critical points. Which is rather hilarious since one of these two points is the most frequently repeated argument against Obama.

Point the first: No posthumous nobel. That’s pretty much a hard and fast rule: only sort-of-dodged once (the nominee died between being selected to win and being announced as winner, and they tightened the rules afterward.). They did not even waive that rule for probably the single most powerful proponent of peaceful philosophies of the entire twentieth century (Gandhi, who never got a Peace Nobel), so why should it be waived for a woman whose sole lasting contribution to the cause of peace is essentially getting shot?

Point the second: I think I’ve heard some people mention how Obama can’t possibly have done anything to warrant nomination because the nomination process ended two weeks after his inauguration (let’s all pretend a moment he did nothing of any note whatsoever – such as becoming the first black president-elect in a nation historically marred by heavy discrimination issues toward its black population, HINT HINT – prior to the inauguration). Pretty sure that “Two weeks after the inauguration” and “several months before Ahmadinejad’s pseudo-electoral coup” are synonymous.

Where there other, better picks than Obama? Probably, yes. I’ve seen strong cases made for Morgan Tsvangirai, for one, and I think that would have been an entirely deserved Nobel.

Neda just isn’t one.

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