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The Hollywood Ending, for real

November 30, 2009

As those of you who follow my Twitter may know, Montreal is actually doing rather well in sports (other than Hockey) lately.

Well, even in Hockey, actually. The Canadiens are struggling, but given that the team is made up of a bare handful of healthy regular players, a bunch of cripples who are playing when perhaps they could afford extra time to heal, and a large number of kids who should still be in Hamilton (the farm team) but aren’t because we need extra players badly here…well, the Habs are managing to keep on trucking so far. We’ll see how things go from here.

Beyond Hockey, though, our local soccer team (the Impact) won the USL-1 championship a month ago. And tonight, for those who have not yet heard, the Alouettes (yes, as in “Alouette, gentille alouette”) were once again playing for the Grey Cup Final of the Canadian Football League (once again, because this was the seventh time in ten years. Granted, that’s out of eight teams, but still).

They should have lost. If there was any justice in the world, they would have lost, because they were trailing 27-11 with 15 minutes to play, and had been dominated for the previous 45 minutes.

And for most of those last fifteen minutes, it looked like they were losing. Even when they managed to climb back to 27-17 then 27-19, then 27-25. Because by then, the next time they took the ball they had way less than a minute left to play. And time flew, so that they were still more than forty yards from a touch down with 10 seconds left to play.They, of course, went for the field goal, with 5 seconds left to play, and 44 yards out.

They missed. Game over, do not pass go, do not collect 200$. The fans of the Roughriders (and there were a lot more of them : the game was in Calgary, which is closer to Saskatchewan than to Montreal by any definition) and even the team started celebrating (and Quebecers started moodily trying to find something to do).

Then we switched from Canadian Football to the part in Men in Tight during the archery contest where Robin misses his shot, but then they search through the script and find Robin has another shot.

Because, as it eventually occured to both the people who had started celebrating and those who had started looking away from the TV that there were quite a few handkerchiefs on the field – penalty to Saskatchewan for one man too many on the field. Meaning that the play moved ten yards closer to the Saskatchewan end zone, and Montreal got another last chance.

That one, they didn’t miss.

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