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Of Christmas, Ice Storms and suchlike

December 27, 2009

So, another Christmas over.

As far as the main event is concerned, anyway. Christmas used to be three specific family gatherings – Christmas’ eve (with my father’s side of the family), Christmas morning (just the direct family) and Christmas diner (with my mother’s side of the family). Nowaday, with all my grandparents on my father’s side of the family having passed on, and with the difficulties of juggling schedules involving two generation of spouses and significant others and THEIR families, we’ve given up on Christmas eve (also because my mother’s house is the only one that can reasonably host any of those gathering, and she’s not hosting three in twenty four hours), so the actual Christmas gathering are specifically the one with my direct family (and assorted significant others) on the morning of Christmas, and the Christmas dinner with my maternal grandparents and my mother’s siblings. Everything else is more general holiday family celebrations than Christmas per se.

This particular Christmas wasn’t the most pleasant of Christmas, although that had nothing to do with Christmas itself. I just woke up on the 24th with a sore throat, and that cold hit full throttle on Christmas day. Now it’s slowly un-soreing, but I’m coughing instead. Stupid cold. I’m afraid I wasn’t the best of company over the last few days, which just suck.

(There was gift-giving to be had, of course, materialistic Christmas being what it is.  I’m quite happy with what I got, though technically there’s a large part of it I haven’t gotten yet, because it consists of monies and/or financial support to be used for the purpose of traveling, next summer. I’m not sure where I’ll be going yet, but I’ve definitely acquired a taste for seeing what new vistas lie on the other side of the next hill, between Fayetteville and New Haven).

In other news, there appear to be an ice storm going on outside, and one that is supposed to be of some size. So, uh, given what past ice storms have been known to do to my poor homeland ( – my hometown was at the edge of the so-called “triangle of darkness” ), I figured I’d point out that if I suddenly vanish, it’s most likely because power has gone out for an unspecified length of time.

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