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Back to school again (a little), and future travels (mostly)

January 12, 2010

So, last semester of my Law certificate is upon me. (It almost wasn’t the last, but I finally found a third class I could attend, so it’s the final showdown. So far, things are going…reasonably…well. My grades from last terms are decent, I guess (B- being the worst, and that’s in a class that averaged C; the rest is B+/A-/A).

I’ll be applying over this month and the next to most universities in Quebec (or near enough, eg Ottawa) for the full Law degree. Hopefully one of them will let me in.

In other news, I’ve started gathering monies and thinking up ideas for next summer’s trip. Unfortunately it seems like meeting the rest of the trio for our 10th anniversary won’t be possible, but that just means I have absolute freedom when it comes to deciding what, exactly, I’ll do. Right now, the notion of a real, full-fledged (rail)road trip Stateside appeals to me…a lot. Not sure of the details yet, but the concept of “Crossing the continent” is not far from the back of my head. Possibly take a swing through the South West if it’s financially and temporally possible; Texas isn’t far behidn the Rockies and Pacific among the places I would like to see at least once, what with everything I’ve heard about it from locals (well, one (former)  local, really).

There are a few cities I’d like to see, as well – Boston (but it’s likely to be the starting point of the railroad trip, mostly because it’s an easy bus ride from Montreal), probably D.C., for a start. Then again, sometime, it’s the smaller, less known towns that are worth your time, over the big and famous ones, so it’s hard to plan just yet,.

If anyone has suggestions, by the way…

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