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America isn’t (economically) free!

April 7, 2010

(Sayeth the Heritage foundation)

So, America is now, thanks to Obama’s EVIL INTERVENTIONISM and his equally evil healthcare policies (and suchlike) only “mostly free”.

Fine. If the Heritage foundation want to consider that “Mostly Free”, they have every right to. It’s not like being only “mostly free” is such a bad thing; there are only seven nations on the (Economically) Free list, it’s a pretty exclusive list…Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland and Canada.

Wait, wait, back up. What was that last name?


The Canada most every conservative and then some spent the whole healthcare debate calling “Socialists”?
The Canada that has had universal healthcare since forever and a day ago?
The Canada that has much more developed social programs than anything America has?
The Canada that has far higher tax rates than the United States, and a federal sales tax on top of provincial ones?
The Canada that never deregulated its banking industry (and so didn’t need a bailout in the first place)?

THAT Canada is “Economically Free” while the US are not?

Anti-Obama hypocrisy, much?

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