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Well, I guess I should say it here too…

April 19, 2010

I mean, I’ve mentioned it plenty of other places, but there may be people who read this blog and not my facebook/twitter/emails.

So to say it here – I’ve received an offer of admission from the Civil Law section of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa. 99.9(…)9% likely to take it, as it’s the one I was most attracted to, to begin with. Assuming all goes well (EG, that I maintain my current average in my certificate now that the strike is over), I should start in the Fall term.

To say I’m excited over this…doesn’t begin to cover it. I received the offer on wednesday morning, and I’m still in “Bounce all over the place” mood – when I can actually believe it.  It’s the feeling of…finally going somewhere. After all those long years. I’m out of the hole I had managed to dig myself in, and back on track toward…somewhere. Still a though track, still a good lot of uphill battles…but I’m out of the hole.

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