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The Impossible was Possible

April 29, 2010

One hell of a hurrah for the Habs, who just accomplished what…hell, what pretty much nobody thought could be done.

They went into the playoffs the last seed, unsure they’d make it until they very last game. They were playing against the very best team in the NHL, a team that won 15 games more than the Habs in the regular season, with the most point scored and the best powerplay. And Montreal had ended the season on a loosing streak.

Most people expected them to lose the best-of-seven series in four, maybe five games. A few predicted six, pointing out that Montreal had better goaltending and defense. But still, it was David against Goliath.

Montreal narrowly won the first won, dropped the ball and let the Capitals come back to turn what should have been a 4-1 defeat into a 6-5 victory on the second game. Then they lost the third and fourth, and most everyone was convinced it would end on game five.

Except that Montreal’s goaltending got in on it. Over the next three game, the most powerful powerplay of the NHL didn’t score once. The best offense was limited to three goals over a hundred and eighty minutes, three games. And Montreal won game five in Washington, and dragged the Capitals back to Montreal for game six. They took 55 shots, and blocked all but one in game six, to drag the series beyond what anyone had thought possible.

And tonight, in Washington, they held a one-point lead against the best offense in the NHL throughout the game, and became the first-ever #8 seed to come back from losing a series 3-1 to win 4-3.

It was…inspiring.

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