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One month in

October 4, 2010

So, I’ve been in Ottawa for a month, and have managed not to write a blog yet…

In short, I love it here. In slightly longer form, I really love it here.It’s just a great all-around town. It has the great scenery and landscapes of Québec City without the archetypal Parisian wannabe Better-than-thouness. It has the multiculturalism of Montreal without being grossly oversized. And it’s quite the bilingual town (unlike Montreal, which is two unlingual cities who refuse to talk to one another and usually throw cutlery at each other). And people here actually realize pedestrians and cyclists exist. Which is like…well, nowhere in Quebec.

(Seriously. Quebecers with cars are on the same level of psychopathy as Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong Il, except in every last way more likely to actually maim or kill me).

My room is even better than I could possibly have imagined: it’s right where everything is : A walk twenty minute, get anywhere important sort of place. Ottawa’s downtown public market is just five hundred meters (if even that) from my place (and they have the best grapes I’ve ever tasted…among other things. Other things including fish, pastries, bread, and also cheese. And more cheese.). Just on the other side fo the market is the Rideau Center, (the main downtown mall), and the local Chapters, which dwarfs the one in Montreal (n.b.: a bookstore). There are at least two used bookstores within a five minutes walk, including a four-floor one. And I’m not even getting into the number of cafés and restaurants (which I’ve been largely avoiding anyway).

The classes have been a little boring (that’s what I get for having already done most of them), but the teachers in general are great, and I like the people I’m in class with, even if they’re quite a big younger than I am in general. Haven’t made too many friends yet, but that’s slowly changing (I had a massive cold the first two-three weeks, which made it rather hard to socialize).

All in all, Ottawa has been immense fun so far.

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