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Book collecting still :)

December 23, 2010

So I’m still up to my no-good collecting of all books I can get my hands on.Ottawa has been a godsend for that (but not for my wallet), adding quite a few gems to my collection:

-Tolkien, JRR;  the Silmarilion, 1977 Allen & Unwin printing (Already had the US first ed, this one is the original-er UK first ed).
-Swift, Jonathan; Gulliver’s Travel, 1912 hardcover edition by Rand McNally (with color illustrations by Milo Winter. And “Happy eighth birthday” note on the front page by the loving grandparents of one Barbara, dated to 1923)
-Milton, John; Poetical Works, 1925 Oxford University Press edition (including, of course, Paradise Lost)
-Goldsmith, Olliver; The Deserted Village, the Traveller and Other Poems, 1894 Hougton Miffin Edition. A former owner was apparently afraid of book theft: a note in the book read “This book is one thing, my toe is another, touch not this one for fear of the other. – JR Stevenson”.
-Stevenson, RL; Merry Men/Dr. Jekyll, 1905 Charles Scribner Edition (with frontispice photo of Stevenson)
-Benham, Canon (rev.) and St. John (alleged); The Johannine Books (Gospel, Epistle I-II-III, Revelation), 1906 Lippincot Third Edition
-Stevenson, RL; The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson Vol I: Treasure Island, The Black Arrow, The Story of a Lie, 1912 Nelson and Sons Edition.
-Kipling, Rudyard, Plain Tales from the Hills * Soldier Three and other stories, 1927 Doubleday edition (complete with pre-Hitlerian use of Swastikas as Indian-themed decoration)
-Andersens, Hans; Fairy Tales, 1914 Blue Ribbon Edition (Color Illustrated), given (according to the note inside the book) to one Norma Reynold in December 1933 as thanks for modeling dresses at Freiman’s – one of the major stores in Ottawa back then – it has a wiki article.

And, my latest and favorite find, soon to be mine (or already mine, depending on what gifts we end up locating for me tomorrow):
Cooper, James Fennimore; Les Pionniers ou Les Sources de la Susquehanna, 1830 French Second Edition.
(It’s not the first edition I was hoping for, but still, a second edition of Fennimore Cooper…and a 1830 printing of just about any book…is by any definition an awesome find)

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  1. January 5, 2012 3:09 am

    The other big project that I and a few other are working on has been a project I have been barking up a tree for the past couple of years.

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