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The Fantasy Trio

You may have clicked here because you wonder just what all the “Fantasy Trio” posts are about.

Way back when, in 2000, I wrote fiction on a message board. Fantasy fiction, that is, featuring gods and prophecies and all the tropes of typical quest fantasy. I wasn’t the only one doing so: two other members also often did so. They went, back then, by assumed forum names, but I know them today by their real names, Ashley and Aba (though I occasional uses Tim-tim in reference to Aba, which is a reference to her old forum username, Timarelay)).

After a rocky start (Ashley and I almost managed to get one another banned once or twice…though I may exaggerate a bit), we just sort of geled together, and, in order to advertise our various stories to increase our readerships, I put in my signature a poem advertising them in my signature. The poem ended on something like “The Weavers of Destinies, the Fantasy Trio”. People started using the later name to refer to the three of us (as we were pretty much the chief fantasy writers on the board at the time), and the name stuck.

That was July 6, 2000. None of us are member of the forum in question anymore. None of us are particularly involved in that community anymore (I’m the only one with any sort of ties left). But we remained friends (and very close friends at that) for years, even though we had never seen each other outside photographs (though there were a few phone calls). This changed in 2008, when I flew down to Arkansas (details of my trip can be found under the Fayetteville 2008 category) to attend Ashley’s wedding at her invitation.

And Ashley and I, on her wedding day in 2008.

Ashley and I, on her wedding day in 2008

After that, it was only a matter of time before I met the other, and, in July 2009, I arranged to do exactly that, going down to New Haven to see Aba. (Categorized as New Haven 2009 posts)

Aba on the left, me on the right

And Aba and I, in the New Haven Green, struggling to take a picture. (We took better ones, but I just love this one)

I’m hoping we can manage to arrange to get all three of us together in 2010.

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